Preparing HVAC Systems For Fall

Get the Heater Ready For Temperature Changes

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Nothing compares to the colors of the trees, the scurrying of the little creatures gathering food, and the cool air. But the fall also means that winter is looming on the horizon. 

When temperatures start to drop, thermostats are turned to heat, and furnaces fire up for the first time since last winter. The best way to keep the heater running smoothly is to prepare the system during the fall before the colder months when homeowners will rely on the heater the most. Keep reading for tips on keeping heating systems efficient and reliable. 


maintenanceLetting a professional handle the system’s maintenance needs is highly suggested. Technicians should perform maintenance on the HVAC system twice a year. Once for the AC and once for the heater. Fall is the best time for heater maintenance before temperatures drop and the heater sees more use. They will know what to check for, what to clean, and have the experience to understand what needs to be done to keep the heater working efficiently and safely. 

During a heater tune-up, the technician will check the thermostat is working right, check all electrical or gas heating components, lubricate moving parts, and thoroughly clean the system to restore any lost efficiency. Getting the heating system ready for the fall is not complicated, especially if routine maintenance is scheduled yearly with a qualified service provider. 

Maintaining the heater has many benefits, including better efficiency, lower energy bills, a longer system lifespan, and fewer repairs. During a heater tune-up, technicians will also be able to spot any potential problems with the system and fix them before it causes damage or the damage worsens. 

Air Filters 

filterOne of the more frequent maintenance tasks that homeowners can perform on their own is replacing the air filters. On average, homeowners should replace their air filters every three months. However, they may need to be changed more frequently based on factors like pets, allergies, and the quality of the air filters. 

There are also some types of air filters that are not disposable, so homeowners can clean those and reuse them instead of replacing them completely. With a clean air filter, homeowners can expect better performance from the heating and cooling system, better efficiency, and improved indoor air quality, a win for both health and energy costs. 

Don’t Ignore Energy Costs Either

Speaking of energy costs, one of the other important factors in fall prep is paying attention to those energy bills. If heating or air conditioning systems are damaged, dirty, or underperforming, they will have to work harder to cool the home. This means that the energy bills will rise, an important sign of issues with a unit. 

As such, homeowners monitoring their energy consumption is one of the easiest ways to catch a problem early and avoid an emergency when the system is needed most. However, if maintenance is neglected, that can also cause higher energy bills.

The home’s heating system is an aspect of the property that will be greatly relied upon for the year’s colder months. The important thing to remember is that if these tips are followed, the heating system will run more efficiently, and getting caught in the cold due to a broken heater can be prevented.

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