Prepare For Fall With Early Heater Maintenance

When to Schedule a Heating System Check-Up

It’s important to schedule an HVAC check-up twice a year. Once for the air conditioning and once for the heater. Summer is winding down, and the fall and winter months will arrive before long. Scheduling maintenance at the beginning of fall is the best practice to receive HVAC service immediately and ensure the heater runs smoothly. This article will outline the benefits and significance of scheduling early maintenance. 

What are the Benefits of Heating System Maintenance?

benefitsThere are several benefits of routine maintenance. One of the biggest perks of scheduling upkeep on a heating system is the money savings. Maintenance not only prolongs the life of the heating unit but also helps prevent costly breakdowns and keeps energy bills low. 

Aside from the money savings aspect, maintenance ensures that the best air quality is continuously received throughout a home. Without a comprehensive look into a heating system, the unit could also make unwanted noise and give off smells that will bother the family and guests. 

Heating System Maintenance Explained

filter During heater maintenance, a technician will check the components of the heating system for damage to the circuits, safety controls, the unit drain line, and the valves that run throughout the system. They will also check and clean components like the evaporator coil and make any necessary repairs. They will check refrigerant levels and the thermostat to ensure the system runs smoothly.  

Homeowners can take care of an important maintenance task by changing their air filters at least every three months to ensure that the heating and cooling systems are operating efficiently. Avoiding air filter replacements can cause unwanted occurrences like higher energy bills, repairs, and lower indoor air quality. This is because fibers, hair, and dust can block air filters and prevent quality air flow into a home or residence. 

Isn’t There Still Time Until a Heating System is Necessary? 

There is still some time before it begins to cool down and homeowners start to use their heaters, but it’s better to stay on top of heating maintenance while it’s still warm. This is because there is a lower demand for service during the slower months since summer and winter are the busiest times for HVAC companies. This means more convenient scheduling for homeowners who schedule maintenance early. 

Another reason it’s not too early for maintenance is that it’s important to be prepared before cold weather occurs. A surprising storm can cause the heating system to break down if it sits unused and neglected for too long. No one wants to go home to a freezing house with a broken heater. 

Allowing time to prepare for the cooler months is a way to ensure comfortability is provided throughout a household and also mitigates the stress of the system breaking at a less than convenient time. Go into fall ready to enjoy the holidays and cooler weather by getting heating maintenance.

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