Why is Spring the Best Season for AC Maintenance?

Schedule AC Maintenance Before the Summer

AC systems work overtime during the summer to keep homeowners and their families cool. That’s why scheduling maintenance for the air conditioner before the summer heat is important. With regular maintenance, homeowners can be sure that their air conditioning system will continue providing cool, comfortable air when needed the most. This blog will share some benefits of getting AC maintenance done during the springtime. 

More Availablity

schedulingSummer is one of the busiest times of year for HVAC contractors, as many people contact them about issues with their air conditioners when temperatures rise, and the AC unit sees a lot of use. So homeowners that wait until summer for maintenance may find waiting for the next available HVAC technician to take longer than if they had scheduled it in the spring. 

Maintenance in the spring, while technicians aren’t as busy, allows homeowners more flexibility when scheduling an appointment so that emergency repairs are unnecessary during the hottest months of the year. So to beat the summer rush, homeowners are advised to schedule AC maintenance in the spring. 

Help the AC Run Efficiently All Summer

Air conditioning maintenance in the spring can help identify and fix any inefficiencies before the summer season begins and improve the unit’s energy efficiency, which will directly impact energy bills. During a maintenance visit, an HVAC technician can thoroughly inspect all parts of the AC system to ensure it runs optimally and clean any necessary components. This includes cleaning or replacing air filters, checking the refrigerant charge, cleaning the coils, and inspecting the controls and electrical connections. With all of these components functioning correctly, the AC unit won’t have to work as hard to achieve the desired temperature.

By keeping up with regular maintenance visits, homeowners can ensure their AC unit runs as efficiently as possible this summer. Not only does this help to reduce the risk of costly repairs in the future, but it also ensures that energy bills won’t skyrocket due to inefficient operation. Investing in routine AC maintenance now will help save money and energy all summer.

Longer Lasting AC

hvacThe average air conditioning system lasts approximately 10 to 20 years. Regular maintenance is essential for keeping an air conditioning system running smoothly and efficiently for longer. A neglected air conditioner that doesn’t get maintenance will require more frequent repairs, have shorter lifespans, and cause higher energy bills. But having an annual tune-up by a professional can help prolong the life of the AC unit and make them more reliable with fewer repairs. 

During the service visit, the technician will inspect all components and make any necessary replacements or adjustments. This will help to catch any potential problems before they become more severe issues that cause unnecessary wear and tear to the system or cause it to need early replacement.

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How to Deal With Allergies This Spring

Breathe Easier This Spring

While most people rejoice in the gradually warming weather of spring, people who deal with allergies can dread their symptoms worsening in the spring. Seasonal allergies can become a major inconvenience, with symptoms such as watery eyes, a runny nose, itching, sneezing, coughing, and congestion. 

Symptoms of asthma can also be triggered by allergens and lead to shortness of breath. This blog will discuss a few simple tips to help minimize the symptoms of allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues by improving indoor air quality and helping people breathe easier indoors this spring.

Open the Windows

windowOn breezy days, opening windows can be a great way to improve the indoor air quality in a home, help reduce symptoms of allergies and asthma, and improve overall respiratory health. While it makes sense to keep windows closed when pollen counts are high to prevent the wind from carrying them into the home, it’s helpful to open the windows when pollen counts are low to let stale air out and allow fresh air in. Not only is allowing fresh air from outside to come into the home beneficial for those with chronic respiratory issues, but it also helps reduce stale air and odors, creating a cleaner and fresher environment. 

Furthermore, opening windows on breezy days can help circulate the air inside a home, allowing for better airflow throughout the living space. This helps bring in an influx of fresh oxygen which can reduce fatigue and improve mental clarity. Additionally, having good airflow circulating in the house can help to reduce the risk of mold growing and spreading, as air circulation helps keep moisture levels low.

Change Air Filters Regularly

filterAir filters are an essential component of heating and air conditioning systems. They trap allergens like dust, pollen, and pet hair from the air, improving indoor air quality and preventing them from entering the HVAC system and circulating the home. This is especially true of HEPA filters which are designed to be highly efficient in removing airborne particles.

When they get too dirty, air filters can no longer trap particles and allergens effectively and must be replaced. How often to replace air filters can be determined by many factors, including the type of filter and whether a home has pets. It’s generally recommended to replace air filters every three months; however, when someone living in the home suffers from allergies, asthma, or another respiratory issue, the air filters should be changed more often to reduce symptoms.

Keep Surfaces Dust Free

Dust may seem harmless, but for people with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues, it can aggravate or trigger their symptoms. Dust can settle on every surface in a home, especially low-traffic areas and decorative items that often go untouched for long periods. 

While it’s likely already a part of most homeowners’ cleaning routines, regularly vacuuming and dusting is important to help manage and reduce symptoms. While dusting, it’s essential to use a damp cloth to trap the dust and avoid the dust becoming airborne. Homeowners can contact their local HVAC contractors for more comprehensive indoor air quality solutions like installing air cleaning and filtration systems. 

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DIY Disaster: The Risks of Tackling Heater Repair on Your Own

The Dangers of DIY Heater Repair

It’s crucial to ensure a home’s heating system is functioning correctly. While it may be tempting for homeowners to tackle heater repair and maintenance on their own, there are several reasons why it’s best to trust professionals. This blog will explore the dangers of DIY heater repair and why calling in the experts is always a wise choice. 

Costly Mistakes

proWhen it comes to heater repair, misdiagnosing the problem is one of the most common mistakes homeowners can make. Without the proper training and experience, it can be difficult to accurately identify the root cause of an issue, which can lead to costly mistakes that worsen the problem and require additional repairs or even the replacement of the heating system. 

By trusting qualified professionals with the repairs, homeowners can rest assured that their heater is in good hands and that the issue will be fixed properly. HVAC technicians have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and repair problems with a heating system and do it right the first time, ensuring that homeowners stay warm and comfortable without wasting money.

Wastes Time 

timeOne of the key advantages of hiring a professional HVAC company for heater repair is that professionals have the tools and experience needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Homeowners attempting DIY repair will need to spend significant time researching, purchasing the necessary tools and parts, and then doing the repair. Not to mention amateurs are more likely to make mistakes that cost extra time to fix. 

Professionals show up to the job in a fully stocked truck with all the tools and parts they’ll typically need to complete the repair, and their knowledge of HVAC systems will allow them to complete the job fast. They have likely encountered the problem many times before and know the exact steps to repair the heater quickly.

DIY Repair is Risky Without Insurance Coverage

When it comes to DIY heater repair, homeowners may not realize the potential insurance risks. Without insurance, any mistakes made during a DIY repair could result in expensive damage to a home, leaving homeowners financially responsible. This is why hiring a professional HVAC contractor is recommended, as they are insured to protect homeowners and their workers in the unlikely event of damage or injury. 

Professionals also have the necessary knowledge and equipment to perform the repairs safely, reducing the risk of further damage to a heating system or injury. It’s vital to consider the dangers of a DIY heater repair and instead opt for professional HVAC contractors to ensure accurate, fast, and safe heating services.

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Left Coast Air is a local, family-owned company serving Menifee, CA, and the surrounding communities. They provide competitive rates, top-quality products, and free estimates. Call them today for heater repair and maintenance services in Menifee, CA.

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Celebrating the HVAC Contributions of Inventors During Black History Month

Honoring Black Inventors Who Revolutionized Modern Heating and Cooling 

Heating and cooling systems are the unsung heroes that keep people comfortable in their homes and workplaces, from chilly winter nights to sweltering summer days. But there are brilliant minds behind the technology that keeps people cool and warm as needed. Game-changing inventors have revolutionized modern heating and cooling, making buildings more comfortable and units more energy efficient. 

From temperature regulation devices and vacuum pumps to gas furnaces, their contributions have been instrumental in shaping the HVAC industry as it is known today. A journey through the history of HVAC can give insights into the trailblazers behind the systems that people rely on daily.

David Crosthwait

davidDavid Crosthwait was a renowned inventor and mechanical and electrical engineer who had a lasting impact on the world of heating and cooling. He was a pioneer in the HVAC industry, known for his work on temperature regulation devices and vacuum pumps. His contributions have greatly improved the efficiency and performance of HVAC systems, making them more reliable and cost-effective for residential and commercial use. Crosthwait held 39 patents in the United States and 80 international patents and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Purdue University in 1975

Crosthwait’s inventions of temperature regulation devices and vacuum pumps have become essential components of modern HVAC systems. Temperature regulation devices have greatly improved the performance of HVAC systems, making them more accurate in maintaining desired temperatures. His invention of vacuum pumps has played a crucial role in the operation of HVAC systems, helping to maintain proper air pressure and airflow. With the help of Crosthwait’s contributions, HVAC systems have made homes and buildings more comfortable.

Alice H. Parker

Alice H. Parker is a trailblazer in the HVAC industry, known for her revolutionary invention of a gas furnace with ductwork. This invention marked a turning point in the industry, making heating systems more efficient and cost-effective. Before her creation, most homes relied on burning wood or coal to heat homes, which was costly to operate and maintain. Her idea for this new heating system came from her experience of being cold during the winters in New Jersey.

Parker’s invention of a gas furnace with ductwork was the first central heating system, allowing homes to have a consistent temperature throughout the house. This invention permitted homeowners to heat their homes with a single unit and then transport the warmed air to the rest of the home through air ducts. It also enabled control of the home’s temperature from a single location. Her invention has become the standard for home heating systems and has dramatically improved homes’ comfort. Parker’s invention significantly impacted the HVAC industry, and her influence is still felt in homes today.

Lewis Latimer

lewisLewis Latimer is a renowned inventor who also contributed significantly to the HVAC field. He is probably best known for his work improving the telephone and lightbulb, but he also significantly contributed to modern HVAC systems. Latimer worked for multiple iconic inventors during his career, including Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. However, he was also a prolific inventor himself who helped shape the HVAC industry with his innovative invention of an evaporative air conditioning unit that would pave the way for future air conditioning unit designs.

One of Latimer’s most notable inventions was a carbon filament for incandescent light bulbs and a way to manufacture them, making them more durable, efficient, and longer-lasting. This invention and the new manufacturing process significantly improved the performance of light bulbs and made them more reliable and affordable. In addition, he also developed a method for purifying the air in buildings, which helped improve indoor air quality. 

This method was used to remove pollutants and improve the overall air quality in buildings, making them safer and healthier for those who lived and worked in them. Latimer’s contributions to HVAC systems have significantly impacted the industry, and he was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2006, over 70 years after his death. 

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Kick Off the New Year Right With a New Heating System

New Year, New Heater

The New Year is here, and some homeowners may notice that their heater is struggling to keep up or that it costs extra to keep the home comfortable. With the holidays over and things starting to get back to normal, now may be the best time to look into a heater replacement. 

Heater installation can be a big decision, so homeowners should educate themselves to make the best decision at the right time. Here is some advice from local heater installation contractors that can help homeowners make good decisions regarding replacing their home’s heater. 

When is Heater Replacement a Good Idea? 

There’s no need to replace a heater before it is necessary, but how does one determine it is time? Heaters can last for a few decades, so it can be easy to overlook the signs that heater replacement is necessary as the heater ages. 

The first sign that a heater needs to be replaced is age. A heater over 15 years old is nearing the end of its useful life. Beyond this point, it will lose efficiency and cost more money in the form of utility bills and repairs. 

Homeowners should watch for warning signs that their heater is running less efficiently or may need to be replaced. These signs include a decrease in comfort levels despite the thermostat being set at the same temperature, a noticeable increase in energy bills, strange noises coming from the unit, and visible rust or corrosion on parts of the heater. If a homeowner notices any of these signs, it may be time to install a new heater.

Picking the Right Heater for a Home

heaterTwo common types of residential heating systems are heat pumps and furnaces. The type of heater chosen for installation will depend on a home’s needs, the pros and cons, and the budget. Some of the reasons for selecting each system are:

  • Heat Pumps: Heat pumps are an alternative to furnaces and can be an excellent option for households that may not have access to other heating sources. Heat pumps are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and may even provide cooling in the summer. However, they may not be suitable for extremely cold climates due to their inability to generate sufficient warmth. 
  • Furnaces: Furnaces burn fossil fuels to provide warmth. Furnaces are generally reliable and last for many years. They generate heat quickly, which is perfect for cold winter months in areas that may experience extreme temperatures. The downsides to furnaces are that they have higher energy costs due to their constant fuel use. 

Don’t Forget Heater Maintenance 

maintainingRoutine heater maintenance is recommended for every type of heating system. Older heaters and new heaters both benefit from heater maintenance because it helps maintain the warranty, extend its lifespan, lower energy bills by maintaining efficiency, and prevent repairs. 

Most manufacturers stand behind their equipment by offering warranties on their heating systems. In most cases, the warranty is contingent on professional maintenance and repair. Scheduling heater maintenance on a new heater maintains the warranty as well as the heater so that homeowners are never left unprotected from faulty equipment. 

About Left Coast Air

Left Coast Air is a family-owned and operated company serving Menifee, CA residents and the surrounding areas. They provide free estimates, competitive rates, and top-quality products. Call them today for heating services, including heat pump or furnace installation in Menifee, CA.

Finding a Dependable HVAC Company Before the Holidays

Choosing the Right Heating and Cooling Company

The holiday season can be a busy time for homeowners and HVAC companies alike. This blog discusses three things homeowners should look for to find a dependable local heating and cooling company before the holidays. It’s a good idea for homeowners to have a trusted HVAC company a phone call away in case something goes wrong, and they need heater repair as soon as possible on a cold night. 

Don’t get caught without heating during the coldest months of the year! Homeowners can use these tips to find a local HVAC company they can rely on this holiday season. Leaving HVAC maintenance, installation, and repairs up to qualified professionals is important. 

Look for Positive Reviews

reviewsA sign of a good HVAC company that is trusted by its community is positive reviews. The internet allows homeowners to see what their neighbors are saying about local home service providers. Google, Facebook, Yelp, Angi, and other websites allow people to leave reviews on HVAC companies as recommendations from real-life customers. 

It’s impossible to make everyone happy, so a few negative reviews out of hundreds of positives should be taken with a grain of salt. However, if the reviews are overwhelmingly negative, this is a sign to stay away! A dependable HVAC company will have a reputation in its community for providing excellent service. Words such as “fair,” “professional,” “friendly,” or “prompt” are good indicators of the type of service that can be expected from the company. 

Make Sure They Are Licensed and Insured

When it comes to heating and air conditioning repair, homeowners need to ensure that their technician is fully licensed and insured for the work being done. HVAC technicians go through extensive training both in the classroom and in the field as an apprentice to learn how to navigate complicated heating and cooling systems.

It’s dangerous for an unqualified person to attempt HVAC repair, installation, or maintenance. The risks include personal injury, electrical fire, and property damage. It’s also a financial risk. Professional HVAC companies should have insurance that protects homeowners financially in case anything goes wrong. 

Inquire About Maintenance 

maintenanceRoutine maintenance is essential to prevent a system breakdown and extend the unit’s lifespan. Investing in regularly scheduled maintenance is the best way for homeowners to ensure their HVAC system runs smoothly all season long. That’s why it’s important to check that an HVAC company offers heating and cooling maintenance. 

The benefits of doing regular HVAC maintenance also include improved safety as well as reduced energy bills. Saving money on heating costs this winter can give homeowners more money to spend on the holidays. During HVAC maintenance appointments, the technician will clean the inside of the system, tighten loose parts, check for issues, and recommend improvements to the homeowner, such as updating any outdated pieces of hardware. 

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Left Coast Air is a family-owned and operated company open seven days a week serving Menifee, CA, and the surrounding areas. They provide honest pricing, top-quality products, and live answers 24/7. Call them today for air conditioning or heating services in Menifee, CA.

Get Energy Bills on Your Side for the Holidays

Three Ways the HVAC System Can Save Homeowners Money

It’s no secret that energy prices are rising, and families have to tighten their belts to maintain their standard of living. Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas put extra strain on budgets with traditions like hosting dinners and buying gifts, so it makes sense for homeowners to use every chance they have to lower their bills to free up money for more enjoyable things. 

Luckily, when it comes to saving on electric bills, one untapped opportunity for homeowners is the HVAC system. Heating and cooling a home is a substantial portion of monthly utility bills, so anytime homeowners can lower these bills, their efforts are more lucrative. Here are the three best ways for homeowners to save on electric bills all year long, so they don’t have a budget crunch at the end of the year. 

Install a Smart Thermostat 

thermostatThe secret to lowering heating and cooling bills is ensuring the system doesn’t run unnecessarily. That means cycling the system off when no one is home and turning it on again to adjust the indoor temperature when people return. Up until recently, this was accomplished by adjusting the thermostat as the last person was leaving the house and readjusting it when the first person returned. 

While this mostly accomplished the right goal, it was a hassle and left people uncomfortable at home waiting for the system to catch up. However, new types of thermostats allow homeowners to control the thermostat from their smartphones. Three options to save more money on utility bills with far less effort are: 

  • Programmable Thermostats: These devices are programmed according to the family’s schedule and then they automatically adjust the temperature of the home according to the programming. 
  • Smart Thermostats: Smart thermostats need no programming because they learn the family’s movement patterns and adjust the temperature accordingly. 
  • Wi-Fi Thermostats: Geo-fencing technology and apps corroborate movement data from smart devices to adjust the temperature of a home based on its occupants’ locations. 

Change Air Filters Every Season

filterIf there is one thing necessary to lower bills, it is to ensure the HVAC system isn’t working harder than it needs to. When dust and grime build up on the air filters of an HVAC system, its effectiveness is limited and energy bills will rise. Changing the air filter at least every three months will help keep the system working efficiently and lower energy bills. 

Keeping fresh filters in the HVAC system will:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Increase comfort
  • Lower the amount of dust in the home
  • Reduce the need for repairs 

Seasonal Maintenance 

While changing air filters is recommended every season, HVAC maintenance is recommended twice yearly. Fall maintenance is crucial in helping the heater run efficiently and, therefore, cheaper, but even if a homeowner has forgotten to schedule fall maintenance, it’s never too late. Fall heater maintenance from qualified professionals:

  • Increases system longevity
  • Enhances comfort
  • Reduces the likelihood of mechanical problems
  • Lowers energy bills

While a maintenance visit or plan can cost a little upfront, it always pays for itself through year-round energy savings and fewer repairs. 

About Left Coast Air

Left Coast Air is a local, family-owned and operated company serving Menifee, CA, and the surrounding neighborhoods. They provide competitive rates, free estimates, and 24/7 live answers. Call them today for AC or heating services in Menifee, CA

Preparing HVAC Systems For Fall

Get the Heater Ready For Temperature Changes

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Nothing compares to the colors of the trees, the scurrying of the little creatures gathering food, and the cool air. But the fall also means that winter is looming on the horizon. 

When temperatures start to drop, thermostats are turned to heat, and furnaces fire up for the first time since last winter. The best way to keep the heater running smoothly is to prepare the system during the fall before the colder months when homeowners will rely on the heater the most. Keep reading for tips on keeping heating systems efficient and reliable. 


maintenanceLetting a professional handle the system’s maintenance needs is highly suggested. Technicians should perform maintenance on the HVAC system twice a year. Once for the AC and once for the heater. Fall is the best time for heater maintenance before temperatures drop and the heater sees more use. They will know what to check for, what to clean, and have the experience to understand what needs to be done to keep the heater working efficiently and safely. 

During a heater tune-up, the technician will check the thermostat is working right, check all electrical or gas heating components, lubricate moving parts, and thoroughly clean the system to restore any lost efficiency. Getting the heating system ready for the fall is not complicated, especially if routine maintenance is scheduled yearly with a qualified service provider. 

Maintaining the heater has many benefits, including better efficiency, lower energy bills, a longer system lifespan, and fewer repairs. During a heater tune-up, technicians will also be able to spot any potential problems with the system and fix them before it causes damage or the damage worsens. 

Air Filters 

filterOne of the more frequent maintenance tasks that homeowners can perform on their own is replacing the air filters. On average, homeowners should replace their air filters every three months. However, they may need to be changed more frequently based on factors like pets, allergies, and the quality of the air filters. 

There are also some types of air filters that are not disposable, so homeowners can clean those and reuse them instead of replacing them completely. With a clean air filter, homeowners can expect better performance from the heating and cooling system, better efficiency, and improved indoor air quality, a win for both health and energy costs. 

Don’t Ignore Energy Costs Either

Speaking of energy costs, one of the other important factors in fall prep is paying attention to those energy bills. If heating or air conditioning systems are damaged, dirty, or underperforming, they will have to work harder to cool the home. This means that the energy bills will rise, an important sign of issues with a unit. 

As such, homeowners monitoring their energy consumption is one of the easiest ways to catch a problem early and avoid an emergency when the system is needed most. However, if maintenance is neglected, that can also cause higher energy bills.

The home’s heating system is an aspect of the property that will be greatly relied upon for the year’s colder months. The important thing to remember is that if these tips are followed, the heating system will run more efficiently, and getting caught in the cold due to a broken heater can be prevented.

About Left Coast Air

Left Coast Air is a local, family-owned and operated company that’s open seven days a week, serving Menifee, CA residents, and the surrounding areas. They offer competitive rates, top-quality products, and free estimates. Call them today for heater repair and maintenance services in Menifee, CA.

Prepare For Fall With Early Heater Maintenance

When to Schedule a Heating System Check-Up

It’s important to schedule an HVAC check-up twice a year. Once for the air conditioning and once for the heater. Summer is winding down, and the fall and winter months will arrive before long. Scheduling maintenance at the beginning of fall is the best practice to receive HVAC service immediately and ensure the heater runs smoothly. This article will outline the benefits and significance of scheduling early maintenance. 

What are the Benefits of Heating System Maintenance?

benefitsThere are several benefits of routine maintenance. One of the biggest perks of scheduling upkeep on a heating system is the money savings. Maintenance not only prolongs the life of the heating unit but also helps prevent costly breakdowns and keeps energy bills low. 

Aside from the money savings aspect, maintenance ensures that the best air quality is continuously received throughout a home. Without a comprehensive look into a heating system, the unit could also make unwanted noise and give off smells that will bother the family and guests. 

Heating System Maintenance Explained

filter During heater maintenance, a technician will check the components of the heating system for damage to the circuits, safety controls, the unit drain line, and the valves that run throughout the system. They will also check and clean components like the evaporator coil and make any necessary repairs. They will check refrigerant levels and the thermostat to ensure the system runs smoothly.  

Homeowners can take care of an important maintenance task by changing their air filters at least every three months to ensure that the heating and cooling systems are operating efficiently. Avoiding air filter replacements can cause unwanted occurrences like higher energy bills, repairs, and lower indoor air quality. This is because fibers, hair, and dust can block air filters and prevent quality air flow into a home or residence. 

Isn’t There Still Time Until a Heating System is Necessary? 

There is still some time before it begins to cool down and homeowners start to use their heaters, but it’s better to stay on top of heating maintenance while it’s still warm. This is because there is a lower demand for service during the slower months since summer and winter are the busiest times for HVAC companies. This means more convenient scheduling for homeowners who schedule maintenance early. 

Another reason it’s not too early for maintenance is that it’s important to be prepared before cold weather occurs. A surprising storm can cause the heating system to break down if it sits unused and neglected for too long. No one wants to go home to a freezing house with a broken heater. 

Allowing time to prepare for the cooler months is a way to ensure comfortability is provided throughout a household and also mitigates the stress of the system breaking at a less than convenient time. Go into fall ready to enjoy the holidays and cooler weather by getting heating maintenance.

About Left Coast Air 

Left Coast Air is a family-owned and operated company serving the residents of Menifee, CA, and the surrounding areas. They provide competitive rates, superior customer service, and 24/7 live answers. Call them today for heater repair and maintenance services in Menifee, CA.

AC Showdown: Central Versus Ductless

Which Air Conditioning System Is Best For An Individual’s Home?

Air conditioning has come a long way since fans were used to blow air over large blocks of ice. Technological advancements in the industry continue to improve the efficiency and function of modern-day systems. It is hard to say if one system is better than another, but one may be better for a particular house than another system. This article will compare and contrast the two most popular choices for modern homes and a few alternatives.

Round #1: Traditional Central Air Conditioningcentral AC

Central AC has been well established for a long time. It consists of one central cooling unit that distributes the cooled air throughout the house via a series of ducts and vents. A single thermostat typically controls it. Below are the advantages of the traditional central HVAC system:

  • Better for Large Spaces: The traditional ducted system is the best at cooling large spaces and keeping a consistent temperature.
  • Well-Established in the Construction Industry: Many homes are built with central air conditioning in mind or with the ductwork and unit already installed. This makes repair or replacement much easier.
  • Less Initial Cost: Central AC is typically less expensive to install, particularly in new builds.
  • Incorporates Options for Indoor Air Quality: A central air conditioning unit can be easily fitted with more powerful filters to improve indoor air quality.


Round #2: Ductless Air Conditionermini split AC

One of the latest developments in air conditioning technology is the ductless mini-split air conditioner. This cooling system uses heat pump technology to remove the heat from the home and expel it outside. The ductless AC unit has a single heat pump connected via copper tubing to multiple mini-splits or heads that cool different parts of the house. The coolant travels through the tubing to pull the heat out of those areas. The advantages of this type of system are listed below:

  • Efficiency: The heat pump system is highly efficient, and the lack of ducts also makes this a much less energy-expensive device to operate.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Because there are no ducts to deal with, the maintenance of these units is easier.
  • Great for Older Homes: Older homes were often not built with the space for ductwork. Ductless mini-splits are perfect for retrofitting an older home with an HVAC system.
  • Temperature Zones: There are multiple points of temperature control for ductless. Each head can be set at a different temperature for efficiency or personal preference. Heads in underutilized spaces can be used only when needed.


Round #3: Alternatives to the Heavyweights

If a homeowner is just looking to deal with one room or a particularly troublesome hot spot, they may want to consider a window AC unit or a portable air conditioner. These are certainly not ideal solutions for the whole home, but they are highly useful for cooling smaller spaces.

Portable AC units are often evaporative coolers that are great for workshops and garage spaces. An air conditioning window unit is perfect for the upstairs bedroom on the west side of the house that never quite feels comfortable in the summer.

About Left Coast Air 

Left Coast Air is a family-owned and operated company serving Menifee, CA, and the surrounding areas. They provide competitive rates, top-quality products, and free estimates. Call them today for air conditioning services in Menifee, CA.