AC Showdown: Central Versus Ductless

Which Air Conditioning System Is Best For An Individual’s Home?

Air conditioning has come a long way since fans were used to blow air over large blocks of ice. Technological advancements in the industry continue to improve the efficiency and function of modern-day systems. It is hard to say if one system is better than another, but one may be better for a particular house than another system. This article will compare and contrast the two most popular choices for modern homes and a few alternatives.

Round #1: Traditional Central Air Conditioningcentral AC

Central AC has been well established for a long time. It consists of one central cooling unit that distributes the cooled air throughout the house via a series of ducts and vents. A single thermostat typically controls it. Below are the advantages of the traditional central HVAC system:

  • Better for Large Spaces: The traditional ducted system is the best at cooling large spaces and keeping a consistent temperature.
  • Well-Established in the Construction Industry: Many homes are built with central air conditioning in mind or with the ductwork and unit already installed. This makes repair or replacement much easier.
  • Less Initial Cost: Central AC is typically less expensive to install, particularly in new builds.
  • Incorporates Options for Indoor Air Quality: A central air conditioning unit can be easily fitted with more powerful filters to improve indoor air quality.


Round #2: Ductless Air Conditionermini split AC

One of the latest developments in air conditioning technology is the ductless mini-split air conditioner. This cooling system uses heat pump technology to remove the heat from the home and expel it outside. The ductless AC unit has a single heat pump connected via copper tubing to multiple mini-splits or heads that cool different parts of the house. The coolant travels through the tubing to pull the heat out of those areas. The advantages of this type of system are listed below:

  • Efficiency: The heat pump system is highly efficient, and the lack of ducts also makes this a much less energy-expensive device to operate.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Because there are no ducts to deal with, the maintenance of these units is easier.
  • Great for Older Homes: Older homes were often not built with the space for ductwork. Ductless mini-splits are perfect for retrofitting an older home with an HVAC system.
  • Temperature Zones: There are multiple points of temperature control for ductless. Each head can be set at a different temperature for efficiency or personal preference. Heads in underutilized spaces can be used only when needed.


Round #3: Alternatives to the Heavyweights

If a homeowner is just looking to deal with one room or a particularly troublesome hot spot, they may want to consider a window AC unit or a portable air conditioner. These are certainly not ideal solutions for the whole home, but they are highly useful for cooling smaller spaces.

Portable AC units are often evaporative coolers that are great for workshops and garage spaces. An air conditioning window unit is perfect for the upstairs bedroom on the west side of the house that never quite feels comfortable in the summer.

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